LightSpeed Binoculars allow special forces teams to see, speak and hear

Boy howdy, these LightSpeed Binoculars by Torrey Pines Logic seem to be able to do anything. They act as binoculars, but also as short-range communication devices for sharing information covertly. Using infrared LEDs, two people looking at one another through a pair of LightSpeeds would also be able to talk and swap video data, thanks to embedded USB and Ethernet adapters and receivers. It's no wonder that Torrey Pines Logic enjoys a list of military clients including US and foreign special forces teams as the transmitted information is untappable and tamper-proof.

My favorite part? The company doesn't see its crazy talkie-binoculars as only being useful to those in the military. Leo Volfson, president of Torrey Pines Logic, hope the binoculars will be a boon at airports where ground-based communication can be difficult, or anywhere where a lack of communication systems reliant on cables are cumbersome.

Via Popular Mechanics