LED-illuminated coat hooks, the sexiest place to hang your hat, ever

Embed a high-efficiency LED underneath a coathook, and you have "Alone," shedding light on the darkest areas of your home. Available in red, black or white, the hooks have a cool white "illuminated circular outline" underneath, and are powered by rechargeable batteries that run them for 60 hours. There's also an AC-powered version on the way.

What a sexy effect! String up a few of these, and you'll have a lit-up look unlike any other. But you'll pay dearly for the privilege — Italian manufacturer Pallucco says the battery version will ship in the U.S. in January via Chicago distributor DUOMO for $350 apiece, and the battery charger for its four AA batteries will be $130.

Pallucco and DUOMO, via HomeDosh