iMuffs: Bluetooth headphones that do nothing to warm your ears

I took a stab at explaining why Bluetooth headphones haven't taken off a couple of months ago. One of the big things that people have a problem is the setup process. It's typically not hard, but it's an extra step that leaves a lot of non-tech-savvy people perplexed.

That's why I was extremely glad to open Wi-Gear's iMuffs — Bluetooth headphones that look sort of vaguely like earmuffs — came pre-paired. That is, the small (about 1 inch square) transmitter unit that you plug into your iPod or iPhone is set up to automatically relay music to the headphones, so you don't have to scan for devices, punch in codes or anything like that. Neat.

If there's any downside to the iMuffs, apart from the predictably tinny sound quality and pretty insane $150 list price (it should be half that), it's the name. "iMuffs" implies the product will stand in for your earmuffs as well as your headphones. But walking outside with them in the bitter East Coast cold, I was soon heading back to my apartment to pick up a hat. That's too bad, since the overall design is fairly bulky (as headphones go), and pretty much the only time I'd wear them is when I'm outside.

May I suggest an accessory, Wi-Gear: modular fuzzy muffs that you attach to the earcups. Then you'd have the warmth and the music.