iLuv clock radio wakes you to one of thousands of Internet radio stations

If you wanted to wake up to an obnoxious buzzer, this iLuv iNT170 clock radio would let you with its dual alarms. But why do that when you can wake up to your choice of tens of thousands of internet radio stations, there for the taking? That's what the Wi-Fi connectivity in this radio can let you do, hooking up with your home Wi-Fi network for those, and tuning in conventional FM stations, too.

Strangely enough, this is not an iPod dock, although there's a line-in jack that'll let you connect any music player or audio source. It's unclear whether you can wirelessly connect this with your PC to stream music, which would be a welcome feature. But you are able to punch in 40 presets for your fave 'net stations, and 40 more presets for FM. It's retailing for $200, but we've already seen it discounted to $144.

Via Crave