Honda unleashes 49-foot-tall Asimo robot on the world

Honda is celebrating its 50th anniversary of doing business in the U.S. and the automaker is doing it in a major way: with a 49-foot-tall replica of its famous Asimo robot. The bipedal giant will serve as the company's float during the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California on Jan. 1, complete with a jolly top hat and pimp-bot cane.

Of course, because it's the Rose Parade, all of the floats are made out of crazy stuff:

Honda's float creation called 'Hats Off in Celebration' will be completed with natural materials like lettuce seed, rice, carnations and strawflower… The Honda float includes a variety of flowers, plants and seeds that will later be ground up for mulch after the parade activities are concluded. The surface of ASIMO will be covered with super fine ground white rice; it is accented by fine cut blue statice and fine cut red statice as well as silverleaf to create accents and "shadows."

Giant Asimo is mounted atop a stage so it won't be walking around (a shame, really), but we're told it's animated, so at least its arms work. Honda will also provide the "first-ever hydrogen-powered fuel cell pace car" to the parade — which sounds as green as all the floats made from flowers.

Via Honda