Height-adjustable hanging lanterns: Better than floor lamps?

What's the problem with floor lamps? Right, exactly — they're made so that "one size fits all." Not so much if you're over six feet, and you end up staring into the white-hot bulb every time you stand up. If you suffer from this symptom of Tall Dude Syndrome, you may be interested in these hanging lanterns from designer Mathias Hahn. Attached to the ceiling via rope, their height is adjustable, easily raised or lowered by moving the lamp along the cord. Pretty colors, too, don't you think?

See a (strangely audio-less) video of Hahn showing his Lanterns in action after the Continue jump. As a design project, they're probably not for sale, but contact Hahn if you're interested.

Mathias Hahn, via designklub