Hands-on: Netflix now available on TiVo, HD movies look great

Movie rental monster Netflix continues its quest for world domination with today's release of Netflix on TiVo. Add this to the Netflix/Roku box, Netflix access on LG Blu-ray players, on the Xbox 360, and the ability to play Watch Instantly movies from a PC, and you have huge choice of boxes on which Netflix account holders ($9/month) can enjoy Netflix streaming. Here's the kicker: HD titles from Netflix are also available on TiVo.

We tried out the new service on our TiVo Series 3, and it's looking great. The signup is just like on other Netflix venues, where you are given a password — enter that on the Netflix website on your computer and it's activated. The user interface is just like the rest of TiVo, and it's quick and responsive. Streaming, even of HD movies, starts much faster than we've seen on the other Netflix services.

The best news is the quality of the HD streaming, which looks better than the HD we've seen on the Xbox 360 version of Netflix. Now if Netflix could just somehow loosen up those tight-fisted movie studios, convincing them to release more movies and HD choices for its ubiquitous streaming video service, this would be a killer app.

Netflix on Tivo