Gorgeous "Spirit of St. Louis" clock radio takes you back to the 1920s

This clock radio is just pretending to go retro, but that doesn't make us like it much less. Decked out in Spirit of St. Louis trim, it reminds us of the old 1920s trans-Atlantic airplane's cockpit, accompanied by its charming toggle switches and analog dial.

Underneath its nostalgic façade, it's just a clock radio, though, and those altimeter-like individual digits are humble LEDs — not the old-school nixie tubes we'd hoped they were at first glance. We further whine that it's too bad there's no way to hook up an iPod to it.

The $77 radio is now available for British electrical systems, and if it's not decked out for the U.S. anytime soon, you might go for its kindred spirit, the exquisite Spirit of St. Louis travel alarm that looks even better and costs $39.

The Verdict, via BB Gadgets