Gift Guide 2008: 10 awesome gifts for sci-fi fans

Some of us live, breathe, eat and sleep sci-fi. If you're not included in our merry band of Snow Crash-ing nerds, you're probably wondering what to buy geeks like us for the upcoming holiday giftathon. That's why you're going to need to know about some unique sci-fi themed gifts — not just any run-of-the-mill, predictable lameness in a box.

Here is where we, the geekiest of them all, can help. We're sci-fi fanatics, so it was easy for us to show you the snazziest, most original sci-fi stuff on this planet or any other. This was easy. All we had to do was just spill out our own personal wish lists here for all to see. Come along and get unstuck in time with us, Pilgrims.

1. Star Trek Chandelier ($189)
You laugh, but sci-fi fans won't. This Starship Enterprise chandelier could enlighten even the dark, cold heart of Kahn! Kaaaaaaaahn!

Available at Lamps USA

2. Terminator DVD Player (collector's item)
Call us crazy, but we wouldn't mind having the T800's head on a platter, and while we're at it, watch a few DVDs using his toasted, melted processor. Then we can put in a disc with Terminator 2 on it, making him watch his demise over and over. Yeah, we're that sick.

Rare collector's item, read more about it at Disc Junkie

3. Da Vinci Code Cryptex ($195)
Except for that messy vinegar inside the original one in the movie, this cryptex is so authentic, it's fully functional. It seems so real, it might be worth going through a chase scene or two just to get your hands on one. But not to worry — once you snag it, the password will be written right there on the box.

Available at The Gadget Shoppe

4. Back to the Future Flux Capacitor ($220)
Short of going back in time to lift the original flux capacitor off the set of Back to the Future, this lit-up replica is the closest you'll get to the time machine. Just hope the UPS truck that delivers it goes slower than 88mph, or you might have to wait a few decades to receive it. Or maybe check your attic, because it may have been sitting there since before you were born.

Available at TFAW

5. The Dark Knight R/C Tumbler ($30)
If only a smaller motorcycle would burst from within this 10.5-inch R/C vehicle, it would be the perfect Bat-artifact. Check out its exquisite detail.

Available at Target

6. R2D2 Alarm Clock ($30)
The cheery sounds of electronic chirps from this R2D2 alarm clock might be your only hope of waking up after those long nights watching every Star Wars movie ever filmed. Instead of 3D images of Princess Leia, though, this little guy projects the cold numbers of temporal reality, otherwise known as time.

Available at Firebox

7. Blade Runner Black Ghost helicopter ($39)
Hunt down and terminate any replicants wandering around your house with this Black Ghost infrared helicopter. Helpful hint: place a small weight on the nose for better control, or those skin jobs might hijack this ship, too.

Available at Amazon

8. Dr. Who Dalek Voice Changer Helmet ($75)
Scare the bejeezus out of the neighborhood kids as you try out your disguise for the upcoming Dalek invasion. This formidable cranial housing sports that dreaded glowing blue eye stalk, and can either change your voice to sound just like the fearsome mutterings of a Dalek, or play back choice phrases and ominous sounds.

Hard to find, may be available at Impulse Creations

9. Iron Man Rocket ($11)
Unless you can figure out a way to power leg rockets to let you fly faster than fighter jets, this Airstrike Iron Man air-powered rocket is the next best thing. Pump up the air pressure to launch him, and he flies about 40 feet, releasing a glider at his highest point that soars back to earth.

Available at Amazon

10. Darth Vader Toaster ($55)
Search your feelings, you know it to be true: I am your toaster. The only way to burn bread aboard the Death Star.

Available at Shop Star Wars