Fitbit tracks your steps, wirelessly uploads your data to online tracker

Clamp Fitbit onto yourself (okay, onto your clothes if you insist), and it'll keep tabs on your fitness, even when you're asleep. Its motion sensor records how many steps you've taken and miles you've walked/run, calories burned, and even shows how well you've slept by measuring your tossing and turning. Then when you get within 25-50 feet of its base station (hooked up to either a Mac or PC), your data is wirelessly sent to the Fitbit website, where you'll be able to graphically keep track of your fitness.

How cool. Of course, step counters have been around for a while, but this one adds a new online dimension to fitness tracking. It's revealing to track how many steps you've walked in a day — for instance, I wore a step counter at CES, and discovered that in a typical day in the huge Vegas convention center, I walked about nine miles.

I also noticed that wearing a step counter made me more eager to walk more, just to somehow impress the thing. This Fitbit lets you impress others, too, where its website lets you make your fitness measurements public to other Fitbit users. The $99 sensor will be released in the first quarter of next year, so you have about three more months of sloth before this tiny trinket starts nagging you about your laziness.

Via Fitbit