First pics: iPhone nano, but is it all a fantasy?

Rumblings of an iPhone nano have been percolating for weeks now, and here are the first pics of the thus-far fantasy phone. It looks to be a 3/4 size iPhone, slimmer but every bit as attractive as its existing forebear.

We're thinking this might be a lot of wishful thinking, at least for release in January. If there were an announcement of this magnitude, Steve Jobs would be making it, and he's not going to be at the Macworld keynote next month.

Also, what exactly would be the advantage of the iPhone nano? Sure, it's smaller, but not by that much, and the iPhone's $200 price is going to make it hard for this smaller sibling to undercut. Our take? Look for the iPhone nano in June, if at all. Nice renderings, though.

Via CrunchGear