eStarling ImpactV picture frame displays e-mailed video

Digital picture frames are a dime a dozen, but this ImpactV from eStarling is different. That V is for video, letting users send DVD-quality video/audio clips directly to the frame via its own e-mail address. Accepting clips up to four minutes long, they can be uploaded from anywhere you have an internet connection. It can access and play back YouTube videos, and there's even a custom iPhone app to help you upload pics from the field.

We like eStarling's version 2.0 model from last year with its 800 x 600 display that doesn't require editing most digital photos into a different shape. This $199 model has a bigger 8-inch screen, and shares those connected features that let you access photos via RSS, Facebook, Flickr and Photobucket.

With its new video capability, eStarling ImpactV owners might want to be careful who they give the frame's email address to, or they could be in for some rude surprises. We speak from personal experience here.

eStarling, via Coolest Gadgets