Energizer Rechargeable Solar Charger powers up USB gadgets, rain or shine

Energizer is about to roll out this neat little convenience, a $50 solar battery charger. The weatherproof hotshot also charges your AA or AAA batteries from a wall outlet if it's a cloudy day, and looky there on the side — there's a USB port so you can power all manner of gadgetry from the included two rechargeable batteries on board. While not the first solar charger we've seen, this one looks like the most versatile yet.

Energizer already has a similar (but solar-free) battery-extending device that works with iPods, the Energi to Go, whose two lithium batteries nestled within can charge up or power your iPhone or iPod in a pinch. We just spent the weekend on a road trip using that handy trinket and can vouch for its handy effectiveness. This solar version is lots more versatile, and we're looking forward to its debut when CES hits early next month.

GoodCleanTech, via Engadget