Darth Vader army invades Japan with old school gambling machines

Life in Japan really is a sweet little slice of science fiction. Currently, Japanese televisions and giant video billboards are running slickly produced video commercials depicting an army of Darth Vaders attacking Japan. Some of the amazing footage includes: Vader-head bomber planes descending en masse on Japan, Vader heads rolling off a robotic assembly line, a massive Vader army standing at attention, and a live action sequence in which Vader enters a room full of Stormtroopers and proceeds to literally stab a holographic projection of the country of Japan with his light saber.

Of course such scenes wouldn't be complete without classic sci-fi cut away shots of Japanese citizens gasping in horror (old school Godzilla style) as Vader takes over the televisions of the entire country. If this was hype for a new Star Wars movie it might be acceptable, but the fact that this is all promotion for Sankyo's new Fever Star Wars pachinko gambling machine (Japan's pinball-machine-meets-slot-machine gambling addiction) is just kind of sad. Cheesy soy sauce holders and garbage cans are one thing, but this? You can view video of the decline and fall of one of your favorite sci-fi franchises here and here.

Via Sankyo