Daniel Libeskind's 54-story condos are more like a 54-story garden

In a city full of steel and glass, a green tower like the 54-story skyscraper proposed by architect Daniel Libeskind — who won a bid to be the overseeing architect for the World Trade Center reconstruction — would certainly shake things up. His proposed condominium, standing over 900 feet tall, would make use of sky gardens on many of the floors, and a glass-tube-enclosed vertical garden running up the center of the skyscraper. Cutaways built into the building's exterior would mean that both residents and onlookers could enjoy the greenery.

More than just looking good, including sky gardens in a structure helps improve conditions inside and encourage more natural lighting. Libeskind's building hasn't been approved yet — and could very well change given construction limitations if it is — but, as a New Yorker, I can definitely say I'd love to look out at the night skyline and see such a unique skyscraper. Check out the images below for more of Daniel Libeskind's sky-garden-studded condos.

New York Magazine, via Designboom