Creative Vado HD 720p beats other HD tinycams with bigger screen, twice the storage

Now that Pure Digital has challenged the HD camcorder world with its $230 Flip Mino HD, Creative has beefed up its cheap Vado camcorder, jumping into the act with its answer: Vado HD. It's no coincidence that the Vado HD is priced exactly the same as the Flip Mino, $230, but the best news is that the Vado's price has already been heavily discounted to $200.

Their specs are similar, too, with both shooting 720 HD video, able to sprout a pop-up USB plug, and are packed into a tiny form factor that's easily pocketable. But the Vado beats out the Flip Mino HD with its 2-inch viewscreen, bigger than the Mino's too-small 1.5-incher. And, the Vado can shoot 2 hours' worth of 720p with its 8GB of storage, compared to the Mino's 4GB/1 hour of 720p.

Sounds like an easy choice, but let's wait until we've seen the video quality of both side-by-side.

Creative, via IB Times and Engadget