Chronochrome, the puzzling light-show clock

Never mind that this baton-on-a-stick is a clock. Just think of Chronochrome as an odd and colorful object that only looks exactly the same twice a day. But if you want to go to the trouble of deciphering its challenging time-telling puzzle, you'll have to learn to associate colors with numbers, with each pair of bars corresponding to either hours, minutes or seconds.

Too complicated? The clock will also show regular numerals in all those cheery colors, too (Update: or maybe those numerals are just part of the demo on the company's website?). Or you can just nix the time-telling thing altogether, changing modes to a dim, black-and-white nightlight, or the "moodlight" mode, choosing between three different kooky light shows with subtle fades between colors. We like it, but it looks a bit cheaply made for $75.

Chronochrome, via Shiny Shiny