Black & Decker Energy Power Monitor helps you save big bucks

What's up with Black & Decker lately? The company's gone all green on us — and we're glad — first with that Thermal Leak Detector we showed you last week, and now this ultra-cool EM100B Energy Saver Series Power Monitor. You won't need an electrician to attach its wireless sensor to the glass of your power meter outside, and it works with digital or mechanical meters.

Enter your electricity cost-per-watt into the handheld receiver, and it tells you how much power you're using. Turn on an appliance, and then you can see how much more power it draws. It'll indicate how much you've spent on power in the month so far, showing you how much, for example, that heating system or gaming PC is sucking up. Heed its admonitions, and it could pay back its $100 cost in a couple of months.

Black& Decker
and Amazon, via Unpluggd