AirMAX Öko: the world's first green vacuum cleaner

We all love keeping a clean house, but it comes at a cost: Vacuum cleaners are a big contributor to any household's carbon footprint. Showing more foresight than certain car companies, Electrolux decided to create a green vacuum cleaner, the AirMAX Öko. Consuming only 1.25 kilowatts, the vacuum sucks 33% less power than your typical 2kW vacuum.

Doesn't that mean less suction? Electrolux says no, thanks to high-performance fans and the design of the dust bag and floor brush. That sounds a little suspect, but for the sake of the planet we'll give them the benefit of the doubt. It's worth pointing out, though, that some Dyson models have decent power specs, too, and… well, they just look hotter. Let's face it, in the design department, the AirMAX is painfully conventional.

But advantage Öko: the AirMAX scores even more green points by having 55% of its parts made from recycled materials, and at $270 it's cheaper than any Dyson upright model. OK, guys, you win, though you might want to do something about the goofy name.

AEG Electrolux, via The Appliancist and MoCo Loco