5 amazing products you'll see at CES 2009

The Consumer Electronics Show is just a month away, but the pre-show buzz is in full swing. Our parent company NBC Universal will be at CES 2009 with a huge interactive TV exhibit from the show floor that befits the role of "Official Broadcast Partner." You might even catch a glimpse of NBC News anchor Brian Williams or the Today Show crew at the Central Hall of the LVCC (Booth #12133). And of course, DVICE will be there too, bringing you only the best gadgetry to be found.

In advance of the big show, we've been sniffing around, trying to get wind of the true groundbreaking items that will be at CES. While details are few, some tidbits have leaked out. Peer along with us into our virtual crystal ball, and catch a glimpse of what we're seeing so far:


1. Samsung 50-inch OLED Display
There's a chance that this super-thin, ultra-sharp Samsung OLED screen won't be ready in time for the show, but knowing that a home theater-sized OLED screen is just about to see the light of day is exciting enough.


2. Netgear Digital Entertainer Elite Network Media Streamer
Netgear has an Apple TV killer it'll show first at CES. When the company put its Digital Entertainer Elite network media streamer into the FCC ringer for approval, word slipped out that the video-playing polyglot will debut at CES 2009.


3. Toshiba and Schwinn's Tailwind Hybrid Bicycle
The more practical $3,200 electric wonder means easy electric biking for the lazy among us is about to hit the mainstream. Its new lithium-ion batteries let you charge it up in a half hour, lots faster than any other electro-bike, and it'll ride 30 miles on a charge — even farther if you help with the pedaling.


4. Minoru 3D Webcam
Touted as the world's first of its kind, the Minoru 3D Webcam was voted a fan favorite at the pre-CES "i-stage" event for smaller companies that are often overlooked. Just when we were getting used to the idea of HD webcams, this odd-looking scarlet goblin shows up atop our monitors? This we gotta see — we'll even don those silly 3D glasses to enjoy Minoru's full effect.


5. Bigger, Thinner TVs
Expect Panasonic's 150-inch plasma display record to be broken, some company to roll out a super-high-res screen to beat Samsung's 4,096 x 2,160-pixel Ultra Fine Definition plasma panel, and even thinner LCD screens. For example, LG's LED-backlit 24-millimeter-thin 55-inch HDTV has already won a CES 2009 innovation award — expect that to be eclipsed by the time CES doors open on January 8.