$230 eSlick Reader to put price pressure on Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader

We're thinking e-readers such as the $359 Amazon Kindle and $280ish Sony Reader would be more popular if they just didn't cost so much. Addressing that concern is the PDF-reading eSlick, a $230 reader that might be somewhat of a breakthrough. Available in March, this 6.4-ounce ebook is nice and thin at .4-inches, and is just over 7 inches tall with a 600 x 800-pixel screen.

It'll be available in either black or white, and even has an on-board mp3 player, fed by an included 2GB SD card. It lacks the connectivity of the Amazon Kindle, but maybe its lower price will put some pressure on all the other eBook makers, perhaps enough to finally bring this reading format of the future into the mainstream.

Foxit Software, via Crave