10 most overrated games of 2008

Many of the following ten games are great. A few came close to being on my top ten list (to be posted tomorrow). I would call a couple of them works of genius. But I think they're the most overrated games of the year for the simple fact that I'm surprised at how well received they were. I wouldn't recommend any of these without a few important caveats.

10) Civilization IV: Colonization
I've never won a single game of Colonization. But I've loved every game I've played. I don't imagine many people would feel the same.

9) Left 4 Dead
It's a great showcase for zombies that can run and co-op gameplay, but it's as fast, slick, fun in groups, and gratifying as chasing a greased pig (take that however you will). Serious Sam and Robotron were pretty cool, too, while the thrill lasted.

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