YouTube dabbling in HD streaming videos; here's a sample

As the world converts to high-def TV, we're now hearing rumblings of YouTube jumping into the act. The notoriously bad quality of YouTube videos could soon improve — in fact, some clips on the explosively popular video streaming site are already viewable in sweet, sweet 720p.

You've probably noticed the uncharacteristically great-looking quality of the embedded video above, a higher-rez version of that entertaining "Where the Hell is Matt" video. This is proof that Google and YouTube are at least experimenting with 720p video. There's even talk of 5.1 surround on the way, too.

It might be a while before all YouTube videos look this good, a factor not only of YouTube's server bandwidth, but also of viewers' download speeds, as well as the HD production capabilities of most video submitters. Still, it won't be long when standard-def videos will be the exception, not the rule.

Via Epicenter