What happens when you use the T-Mobile G1 barcode reader on itself?

Planning to get one of those fancy T-Mobile Google phones this weekend? If you are, don't ask a friend who has one to use the phone's barcode reader to find the best deal. Every G1 can use ShopSavvy, an Android app that uses the phone's camera to scan barcodes, then checks the Internet to call up a list of sites where you can buy the product you scanned.

Using ShopSavvy on UPC code on the G1's box, the phone gave me just one result — that it's available unlocked from UnlockedFones.com for $595 (it's since been reduced to $495). That's pretty nuts since you can get one direct from T-Mobile (locked, of course, with a two-year contract) for $180, and the suggested retail, before rebates and discounts, is listed as $400. It's not even a good price for an unlocked G1, according to this Google search.

It seems a little odd to us that an app designed for this phone can't find a good price on the phone itself. Practically, it's not a big deal (it's pretty obvious where you can buy one, and phones don't make good gifts anyway), but to give no legit results at all? We're stumped.