Week in Review: The death of a sci-fi legend, cloning, holograms and more

This week we took a look at six memorable technologies from Michael Crichton's work, who died far too young at 66. Oddly enough the week also brought news of ground-breaking cloning research and experiments with holograms on CNN — two things Crichton explored in his books.

We also wrapped up our election coverage with nine of the biggest election-tech debacles, the most important thing about every voting machine, and what we can learn from New York City's lever voting machines.

More top stories of the week:

A Hummer with tank treads
If it had any subtlety before, it certainly doesn't now.

LED contact lens cases let you know when to change things up
Just make sure to peek at the counter before you take your lenses out.

iSnow lets you make your own snow
For whenever you want that chilling dash of winter.

Mintpad: Passing notes goes digital
Send cute notes, get pictures of a girl blowing a bubble in your face back.

Exploding bike lock shows bike thieves who's boss
Try to nab a bike and you're getting inked.

Mazda KAAN's sleek future car is all electric, and all attitude
A future car to please designers and Star Trek fans alike.

Asus EEE Top brings cheap touchscreen computing to the masses
After the success of the laptop, Asus rolls out a EEE desktop.