Voting booth designers roll out a slew of portable concepts

Core77's timely voting-booth-themed 1 Hour Design Challenge (where, as you may have guessed, folks have an hour to toss together their ideas) set its designers on the quest for the perfect voting machine. Apparently, that means portable. The collapsible voting booth, pictured right, offers complete privacy and yet it breaks down into its top and can be carried wherever there are folks who need to vote. (Door to door voting booths, coming to a future near you?)

Other portable ideas included a voting laptop, which would help proctors keep tabs on the technology being used (a big fear with just letting people vote willy-nilly from their home machines). There's also a trailer that folds out into a full-sized voting station.

First place went to the first picture in the gallery — an idea that blends nature, the outdoors and voting — and third place went to the simple voting box after that, featuring child-like toys of the Republican and Democrat mascots. Second place went to the collapsible voting booth pictured above.

Via Core77