Ultracapacitor flashlight uses no batteries and recharges in 90 seconds

Few things are more frustrating than grabbing your flashlight in an emergency, and getting little more than a dim glow because the batteries are dead. Even modern rechargeable LED flashlights need hours to take a full charge, and lose a little running time with each battery cycle.

All of this fumbling with batteries could be history if the Light For Life UC3.400 flashlight from 5.11 Tactical live up to its promise. Instead of batteries, it uses something called an ultracapacitor to hold its charge, providing about 90 minutes of light per charge. But what's most amazing, is that the ultracapacitor will go from dead flat to fully charged in only 90 seconds, and can do this at least 50,000 times. Even if you go through a full charge every day, that works out to about 135 years.

5.11 Tactical is marketing the Light For Life to professional users such as Police and Military forces, not surprising considering the hefty $170 price tag. Deliveries are scheduled to start early next year.

5.11 Tactical, via Flashlight News