TriVac blower/mulcher/vacuum combo sure beats a rake

Too often, folks seem pleased enough with simply blasting all of the fallen leaves off of their property and into someone else's, into gutters, or just wherever they won't be seen. Well, if a cheap rake just isn't industrial enough, then please, please, please pick up something like this TriVac blower, mulcher and vacuum by Worx.

The TriVac features a two-tube construction that lets you switch between blowing and vacuuming on the fly and, at only eight pounds, you can operate it easily with only one hand. It also mulches leaves as it sucks them up, and that'll make great fertilizer for your Autumn garden. Really, you don't have any excuse not to vacuum whatever you blow out of a crack or off of your driveway, as you'll be putting it to good use.

The Worx TriVac isn't all that expensive either, at $105.

Amazon, via Uncrate