Yin-Yang-shaped Toyo Kitchen provides a compact, shifting cookery

The Isola S from Japanese Toyo Kitchen's "Nobody" line is one stylish way to shrink a kitchen down into a sliding Yin-Yang. Its design stems from its native Japan, where space is far more limited. Hell, I could even use one here in New York, as I can barely turn around in my kitchen without knocking stuff over.

The Isola S can be carted into a variety of configurations, depending on how much space you need and what you want to reach. It has an electric range with three burners, a circular sink, a section dedicated to providing some countertop space and a bunch of drawers. The drawers are corrugated, so you can stack plates in there or separate cutlery. The whole thing is also studded with LED lights — you probably won't notice unless you cook in the dark, or go for a glass of water at midnight.

If you want one, you likely either have to live in Japan or be rich enough to import something like this. Check out the gallery for more of the Isola S.

Toyo Kitchen, via , via The Design Blog