Touchscreen-equipped Vornado TVH 600 is the world's smartest space heater

Forget that cheap space heater that falls over and burns the house down. It's the 21st century now, my friends. That's why Vornado, maker of super-quiet fans and heaters of all shapes and sizes, decided to modernize the lowly space heater, giving this Vornado TVH 600 a touchscreen panel on top and a fancy remote control that'll keep your room at a constant temperature.

That remote control serves as a thermostat, letting you set your desired temperature and place it next to you in the room. Then, it communicates with the TVH 600, precisely regulating the temperature to stay within a degree or two. This automagic coolness will cost you, though — this silvery hotshot will run you a cool $200.

We especially like the Vornado's Vortex Technology. We've used two of its other products, and they all have this uncanny ability to quietly project a column of air all the way across a big room. Besides, in this era of dwindling energy supplies, it's always more economical to heat just one room than an entire house.

Via Vornado