Tango T600 electric car hits the road

Commuter Cars's Tango T600, the world's quickest and "most luxurious" two-seater electric car, has hit the streets and may soon be scooting between lanes of backed-up traffic near you.

Shorter than an average motorcycle, the Tango is about five inches narrower than Honda's Goldwing touring motorbike, and about five inches taller than Honda's top-selling Civic, meaning you can park it virtually anywhere. It also means, in states like California where motorcycles can legally split lanes in traffic, you can cut valuable time off your commute.

The Tango goes from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds, with a tip speed of 130 mph. It's said to be designed to survive 200mph crashes, with four times more protective steel in each door than a typical SUV. It retails, in kit form, for $108,000 (estimated assembly time = eight hours), with delivery "within six months."

Via Commuter Cars