Take a whiz in your garden the high tech way with a Biokube

If anyone has ever told you that taking a leak out in the garden is just a natural way to help the grass and plants to grow, you can now suggest a slightly less embarrassing way to do the same thing.

The Venus septic system from the Danish company Biokube, takes all of your household waste water, including sewage, and treats it until it's clean enough to be used in a garden sprinkler system. Still, even with all of its bio filters and leeching fields, I'm not sure I'd want my kid crawling on a lawn watered by toilet water.

Biokube developed the Venus for use in California, where water supplies are extremely tight, and the climate is too dry to rely on rainwater.With the average American home going through 400 gallons of tap water per day, there should be plenty going down the drain to keep those lawns luscious and green.

Greentech Media, via Treehugger.com