Submerged Songs remixes MP3s from the movement of fish

Whale song and the odd noises other underwater creatures make are alluring and interesting, but how about a fish-controlled MP3 player? Submerged Songs is a sound installation by Vivian Caccuri, with the help of Alex Tyson and André Perrotta. The setup uses four fish in a tank, tracked by an overhead camera that streams information to a computer and an iPod. The system remixes any two songs you pick into one another, depending on the velocity and nearness of the fish as they swim around.

As cheap as goldfish are, you could hire a whole host of DJs for a few bucks. Submerged Songs is just an art piece, but I could see aquarium lovers picking it up if it went commercial. Click Continue to see a video of how it all works.

Vivian Caccuri, via artnetworker, via Fresh Creation