Star Trek Switchplates, the logical addition to a well-appointed Trekkie abode

Now you can boldly go where no Star Trek: The Next Generation fan has gone before, decorating your place with such 24th-century accuracy that you'll never get laid again.

While the uninitiated might be unfazed by such realism, our phasers are on stun with these Star Trek switchplates, turning simple light switches and sockets into instrument panels from a federation starship. These babies should go perfectly with your Star Trek command chair, while you set the mood with a couple of brewskis opened with your Star Trek bottle opener. Take a look at one more of the switchplates:

star_trek_inside.jpgWe especially like the way these switchplates hide those 20th-century screws that attach them to the wall. We only wish they offered dual or triple switchplates. You can beam your choice of outlet plate, paddle switch or regular switchplate aboard your own vessel for $17.99 apiece.

Via Think Geek