SkyV HD Virtual Skylight uses high-rez video for super realism

There's no need to punch a hole in your roof and ceiling if you have a SkyV HD Virtual Skylight from Sky Factory. Sure, you've been able to get Sky Factory's fake skylights with static scenes for a while now, but this is way better than that. Behind that convincing-looking window frame lie three HD LCD displays, showing scenes of fantastic skies, birds flying over, trees swaying in the breeze, and changing seasons from all over the world.

This is a fantastic idea. We'd like to see the concept taken even further, with the displayed scenery corresponding to the time of day and season. Or how about mounting an HD camera outside your locale, and seeing the sky as it looks at that moment? Or at night, slap a telephoto lens on that baby and zoom in for tight shots of the moon, stars, planets and galaxies.

Click Continue to see a video of the SkyV in action:

The first iteration of SkyV will appear at trade shows next month, with a rollout planned for early next year. We're guessing these screens will be exorbitantly priced, but you could make your own system using a few cheap flat panels, a remotely-controlled HD camera pointed out a window and a media player. Actually, we've been thinking of making a fake window like this for a few years now — with LCDs getting so cheap, maybe it's high time we got started.

Sky Factory, via Gizmodo