Skullcandy's Skullcrusher headphones put subwoofers on your head

If you like thumping bass, you know you need a pretty heavy-duty subwoofer to get your kicks. But what if you're using headphones? There's no room for subwoofers in those, so you've got to just deal with the lack of thumping when you're on the go. Or do you?

Skullcandy has a new limited edition set of Skullcrushers, new headphones that are designed with the bass enthusiast in mind. They have a subwoofer on each side, pumping out enough bass to keep your totally satisfied. Sure, they won't rattle the frame of your car or announce to the entire neighborhood that you're arriving like a 15-incher in your trunk, but take what you can get here.

Skullcandy, via ShinyShiny