RFID programs aim to make bike theft a thing of the past

Biking is becoming more and more popular in cities due to people looking for alternate modes of transportation that are eco-friendly. And with cities looking to reduce congestion, they're making it easier for people to get around by bike. But a raise in bike use brings with it a raise in bike theft. And that requires some high tech preventative measures.

There are three new and clever systems being put in place that use wireless RFID tags to protect people's bikes. One in the University of Porsmouth in the UK attaches a tag to your bike that's connected to your phone. If your bike is moved without you unlocking it via your phone, a camera catches the culprit in the act. The similar program at Oregon State University attaches bugs to students bikes so they can be identified and recovered if stolen. And there's a very similar program going on in Copenhagen. In the future, hopefully bike theft will be much less of an issue thanks to these groundbreaking programs.

Via Treehugger