RED hypes insane batch of modular cameras, capable of stills and moving images

Oakley sunglasses founder Jim Jannard's RED Digital Cinema Camera Company is at it again. This is the next episode of the endless hype about its Scarlet camera system that started last April, and now the company has finally released a sophisticated batch of artwork about its upcoming DSMC (Digital Stills and Motion Camera) System, incorporating Scarlet and a whole lot more. Jannard says we'll see the first versions of Scarlet in spring of next year, but makes no promises.

The ambitious system, if it ever actually exists, will be built around sensors from 4.9 megapixels to a gigantic 261 megapixels, with the company inviting you to buy dozens of accessories to complete your own still camera or camcorder configuration. Scarlet pricing starts at $2,500 (or less) for the cheapest system, up to $12K fully loaded. The"Epic" system is aimed for a 2010 release and boasts outlandishly gigantic 24K resolution for film pros, and prices to match — around $55K to start.

This is getting into fantasyland, folks. Teasing and hinting around about fancy camera systems is a hobby of Jannard's, helped along by a former Apple hypemeister whose stock in trade is building buzz. We wonder what those filmmakers who bought into RED's first foray into this business, the $17,500 RED ONE digital film camera, will think of all this planned obsolescence. Take a look at this gallery that tells part of the long story of this complex idea:

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