Dying Mars Lander gets new job as blogger

We feel sad for the Phoenix Mars Lander now that its batteries have run out and it'll soon die of neglect. It's still got some time left, though, and before it goes for good, the Lander will be working a new job as a blogger. Our friends over at Gizmodo will be giving it a platform to chronicle its final days before the cold darkness of the Martian winter destroys its circuit boards and solar arrays.

PML's first dispatch tells the compelling story of how NASA engineers rescued the Phoenix from being forgotten in storage, retasking and equipping it for a mission to investigate the ice in the Martian Arctic. We especially like that the post (obviously written by a human… sorry to spoil the illusion) doesn't cheese up the story with goofy references to J'onn J'onzz or the Ice Warriors. In this case, the facts are way cooler than any fiction.

Via Gizmodo