Ooma Telo: free calling in the US just got a lot prettier

The Telo, Internet phone service provider Ooma's latest unit, features a great new look and a dedicated cordless handset, something Ooma's previous foray into the calling world lacked.

Ooma's gimmick is simple: buy one of the sets and you get free calling within the US, and internationally to other Ooma customers. No monthly charges — just plug it into a broadband connection and you're good to go. It's got all of the features you'd expect — caller ID, ringtones and the ability to create a contact list (or transfer one over from your cell) — while providing a few extra goodies, such as giving 911 personnel your address automatically, and using a landline backup in case of a power or Internet outage. You can also interact with the Telo from your computer, managing contacts and listening to voicemails.

The Ooma Telo will be released soon and retail at $250. Think the press shot dresses up the Telo? Click Continue for a comparison shot of the Ooma Telo in the wild.


Via Ooma