Now Page shows you stuff happening all over the world, no matter how unimportant

This is what the future looked like in the '60s. Sit through a short ad for faltering phone service Sprint, and suddenly you're thrust into widget land. The Now page shows you a huge dashboard displaying data of all types — some useful, some goofy, and most just plain fun — making you feel like you're connected to a world where people are stuck in elevators, videos are playing, and the number of habitable planets we know about stays right at 1.

If you have a webcam hooked up, it'll even show you a shot of yourself sitting there with your mouth agog at all this stuff. Just get ready with that volume control before you click on this baby, because a rumbling ad hits you first, followed by a robotic babe making you feel all space-stationy and futuristic. And guess what? "It's currently now in all time zones." Big fun. So is this that "fierce urgency of now" we keep hearing about?

Now, via TRFJ