myFC Excess Charger powers handheld devices with micro fuel cell tech

The Swedish company myFC (My Fuel Cell) wants to free you up from power cables with advanced fuel cell technology. Its latest prototype is a charger that uses a compact, flat alternative to the usual fuel cell stack — it's a passive planer fuel cell. It's so thin thanks to the company's remarkable band-aid-like FuelCellStickers, pictured in the gallery below, which are layered together to create this charger.

Add hydrogen, and the result is clean and seemingly effortless passive power, and the only byproduct is water vapor that dissipates into the air. The company doesn't say how you get that hydrogen into this tiny package, or how that hydrogen is manufactured. It does mention that the tech is somehow "independent of hydrogen technology." Insert miracle here.

The company's ambitions go beyond the charger you see here. It envisions its micro fuel cells incorporated inside any cell phone or laptop, eliminating the need for plugging it in at all. Many are dabbling in fuel cell battery tech, but this is the thinnest yet. If these devices are as easy to manufacture as myFC says, this could be big.

Via myFC