MSR-H01, a complex six-legged robot a beginner could build

It's hard to write about a ton of different hobby robots and not want one yourself. The biggest barriers to those interested in hobby robots are usually price and complexity. The MSR-H01, pictured above, is both of those things, and yet it's surprisingly scalable.

Matt Denton modeled the MSR-H01 after his excellent iC Hexapod, and this new six-legged 'bot mirrors much of its predecessor's movement, obstacle detection, and its seemingly curious, panning head. The basic aluminum frames — in black, red and silver — cost $170 apiece, and on top of that you'll need to look into buying servos, batteries, and control units — all of which is supplied through the store and outlined in a very clear assembly guide. On top of the frame and servos, there's also robo-brains and software, developed by Denton specifically for his hexapods, that'll easily have you walking your pet spider-bot around, while giving you room to develop it yourself if you're a robot hobbyist. To fully equip the MSR-H01 it'd cost about $1,000, though you could have a more simple one for a few hundred bucks.

Denton told DVICE that the unit represents a mid-range level of difficulty for builders, though "both my girlfriend and sister managed to build one having never even picked up a servo before and having no interest in robotics." Click Continue for a video of the MSR-H01 stretching its legs.


CORRECTION: The headline originally read "a six-legged robot even your sister could build," but, as Just A Girl points out in the comments below, sisters are robot builders, too.