Micron 256GB solid-state drive to be wicked-fast, ships in March

The buzz about 2.5-inch 256GB solid-state drives (SSD) is building, and now Micron tells us more about its entry, the C200. At first, the company said its 256GB SSD would ship this Fall, but now it's been delayed until next March. When it does ship, Micron says the drive will read data even faster than that Samsung drive we mentioned last week, clocking its reads at 250MB/sec, versus 220MB/sec of the upcoming Samsung drives. However, the Samsungs will write at a faster 200MB/sec, compared with the relatively pokey 100MB/sec of these Microns.

The best news is Micron's claim that this will be a cheaper drive, although not saying anything specific about that price. Just around the corner are 1.8-inch drives that can store 300GB, using even tighter 34nm tech. Keep an eye on these solid-state drives, a hot arena that's sure to show explosive growth in the next year. This means you can look forward to laptops and portable devices that run longer on a charge and store a whole lot more data.

Via Electronista