Magno-Therapy watch shows the exact time you started believing in pseudoscience

Apparently, there's a whole field of alternative medicine called magnotherapy, which claims that exposing the body to permanent magnets will help you heal. While you take a moment to recover from falling off your chair while cracking up, allow me to introduce Field & Stream's Magno-Therapy wristwatch.

Here's the deal: people who buy into magnotherapy often wear magnetic bracelets for their supposed health effects. If you wear a watch, that means hardware on both wrists. But you can ditch the bracelet if you have the Magno-Thearpy watch (Model F403GKBSM), which mounts permanent magnets in the metallic watchband. Each of the 14 magnets has a strength of 1,200 Gauss (which presumably means something to you if you actually believe this stuff), and the watch movement is shielded from their effects. Golfers will particularly like that the crown is on the left side of the bezel, giving the wearer more freedom of movement in the wrist.

Magnotherapy nuts enthusiasts can get some Tesla on their wrists for just $195. A ladies version is available for the same price.

Via Field & Stream