JBuds J2 earphones now more durable, colorful

We're fans of JLab Audio's products, and we're not alone. The company's $16 JBuds have been the best-selling earphones on Amazon for two years running. Now the Tucson-based audio company improves those venerable phones with the J2 Premium Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Earbuds, offering them in a rainbow of iPod nano-matching colors and making them even more durable.

Check out all those crazy colors, and go ahead, play rough with the new cabling, which the company CEO tells us is stronger than earbuds costing ten times as much. The drivers have been improved, too, as has the shape of the earphones themselves.

If these babies are as comfy and sound even sweeter than their predecessors, we're in for a treat. Set to ship next week, the JBuds J2 Earbuds will set you back $29.95, not a bad deal for premium cans.

JLab Audio, via Amazon