InCase Power Slider doubles battery life of iPhone 3G without making it ugly

Finally, there's an iPhone auxiliary battery pack that isn't clunky. This Incase iPhone 3G Power Slider battery pack solves the iPhone's greatest weakness by doubling its battery life to 5 hours of talk time/330 hours standby, and doesn't spoil the pleasing design of the most popular phone in the U.S. in the bargain.

Peek around the back and you'll see five indicator LEDs that leave no doubt about how much juice is left. And, you can plug it into the iPhone's dock connector for charging and syncing.

We've run up against the iPhone's battery limitations so frequently, we'll gladly plunk down the Power Slider's steep $99 price when it hits Apple Stores (and elsewhere online) in the next few weeks.

Incase, via CrunchGear