iGala: Finally, a digital picture frame that's actually useful

Most digital picture frames just sit there and show you pictures, but not iGala. This one hits all the right features, and at the top of the list is its Wi-Fi connectivity. Yes, this wireless magic is available in a few other picture frames, but this one goes beyond merely snagging pics from the Internet.

Like that version 2.0 of the eStarling picture frame, this one lets your friends and family email pics to it via its own Gmail address, and thanks to Microsoft's Frame-It service, it displays traffic info, the latest news, and gives you a graphical weather forecast ... now that's useful.

It also has a basic characteristic many digital frames don't have because of higher cost: it gives you an 800 x 600-pixel display — that familiar 4:3 aspect ratio of most digital photographs. No more modifying pics to fit a 16:9 display, or settling for black bands on either side. The only drawback is its $239.95 price, higher than most 8-inch frames.

DigitalPictureFrameReview, via CrunchGear