Hyper-cute puppies, live on puppycam, show the Internet at its best

Awww. How cute does it get? This sextet of Shiba Inu puppies just turned 5 weeks old, and you can watch them in action (or inaction), live. The three males and three females can't seem to get enough of each other, and we can't seem to get enough of them, either.

By the way, what an excellent use of the Internet! It's "unlimited" bandwidth that makes such things possible, something that might go away with greedy service providers contemplating download limits instead of figuring out how to expand U.S bandwidth to match the rest of the techno-proficient world.

But anyway, quell any anger that might have stirred up by watching these adorable puppies, reveling in the joy of being alive. Which one of the playful pups do you think will emerge as the pack leader?

Puppycam, via Boing Boing