GrooveNeo iPod dock/clock radio is a sight for sore eyes

What? You're still waking up to a buzzer? Plug your iPhone, or just about any iPod into this Cygnett GrooveNeo Alarm Clock Radio/Dock and wake up to the music of your choice. Sure, it's not the first iPod clock radio/dock of its kind, and we usually skip over such things, but this one's design caught our eye. Just look at its smooth, rounded form! Wow.

The $90 device brings along respectable specs with those good looks, too, with a couple of 2.75-inch speaks, touch-sensitive controls and it even charges up your iPhone or iPod while you sleep. If you don't have an iPod, you can plug any audio source into its line-in jack in the back. We especially like it because those huge numerals will be visible to our bleary, morning eyes. Sign us up!

Cygnett, via TFTS